Running Costumes: Snow White (Part One)


As I mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of the costumes people wear for Run Disney races. (See my tips for running costumes here).I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull one together with only a month to go but, once I wrote wrote the post about our last Disney race, I knew I was going to be sad without one. I really wanted to do a Pocahontas costume but, it was really difficult to find brown running clothes as a base – fair enough. So, I filtered down my options to the characters that have dark hair (lots of people wear wigs – more power to them but no, thanks.) I liked the Snow White colors but, there was no way I was going to do a high collar and a cape as I had seen on this blog. I mean, obviously that costume is amazing but for my first full, I’m not trying to add any weight or anything that will create a lot of drag. However, I realized that I could stick with the 1930s vibe of the costume by using a Peter Pan collar and thus, I created this crazy person sketch which we turned into the real deal:

In the interest of giving appropriate credit, I, first, have to admit my crafting skills are incredibly lacking and it was 95% the work of my wonderful MIL that turned a post-it note into a shirt. In addition, I was very inspired by this super cute shirt and found a Peter Pan collar pattern on this site. From there, we decided on sewing ribbon to the existing sleeve instead of creating a new one for simplicity and comfort reasons.
First, we cut the five pieces of ribbon for each sleeve into equal, ten-inch pieces. We, then, pinned the pieces together at the top and we (read: my wonderful MIL) sewed it straight across to create one ribbon piece. We did the same thing to the bottom of the ribbon piece and repeated for the ribbons of the other sleeve.


Then, we (my wonderful MIL) flipped the ribbon piece over and sewed it to the existing shoulder seam. When the piece is flipped back over to sew it to the bottom of the sleeve, it creates the little bit of “poof”. The ribbon was a little long but we just sewed it to the inside of the bottom of the sleeve which looks really cute and resolved the length issue.


For the collar, we (wonderful MIL) folded over the white fabric, pinned the pattern and cut two collar pieces. I bought what turned out to be swimsuit lining because it was complimentary to the dry fit fabric. We ended up scaling down the piece from the pattern so, the collar would not end up under the ribbon sleeves. Then, both pieces were attached to the existing collar by sewing straight across. I added two little tack stitches, by hand, on each collar piece so the pieces won’t fly up while I’m running.




Finally, we (still talking about my wonderful MIL – I told ya’ll about the 95%) pinned the yellow ribbon down the center and just sewed it straight down the middle. And voila! Part one of the WDW Marathon costume is done! I’m looking forward to showing off the whole outfit once it’s all completed.


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