Running Costumes: Snow White (Part 2)


Here’s the complete Snow White running costume! I posted the making of the shirt ( check it out here!) and here it is all together! All I had to add was a yellow running skirt (Runningskirts) and the headband. The headband was just a red ribbon I had left over from making the shirt and sewed to an old headband.
The running costume was really comfortable during the run. I’ve never been one for running skirts but I was surprised about how great it was to run in. Except for the ribbon sleeves making a bit of noise when it was really windy, I didn’t feel a difference between my run costume and wearing a regular running outfit. Plus, it was so fun and encouraging having people get excited and yell “Go, Snow, Go!” during the race, especially at the end when I really needed a pick-me-up. There are always such great costumes during the WDW Marathon weekend, I was excited to be apart of that spirit during my first full marathon.


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